Tech Spain Advocates is the network formed by a large number of experts from the technological and digital sector linked to Spain, who seek to share ideas, talent and convergent interests, thus promoting the development of the technological ecosystem to the most demanding level.

Tech Spain Advocates is formed by entrepreneurs, start-ups, consolidated companies, investors, experts and communication agencies, all belonging to the technology sector or related to it. Tech Spain Advocates also has the support of government institutions and public sector bodies that support the initiatives of the group favouring the configuration of Spain as a technology centre with global impact.

Tech Spain Advocates is part of Global Tech Advocates, a global network of operators in the technology sector, which began in 2013 with Tech London Advocates. Tech London Advocates, a member of Global Tech Advocates, has played a key role in the growth of London’s technology sector to become Europe’s leading technology centre. In addition to the UK and Spain, Global Tech Advocates now has a presence in the United States, China, Singapore and the Nordic and Baltic countries, and has more than 4,000 Advocates, originating in countries around the world.

Global Tech Advocates was founded by Russ Shaw, a US business angel living in London, who previously had extensive experience in several technology companies, such as Telefonica or Skype.

Tech Spain Advocates’ mission is to foster the growth and development of technological companies in Spain, focusing on support for emerging projects, stimulating collaboration between investors, entrepreneurs and experts in the Spanish technological ecosystem.