Tech Spain Advocates Launch Event


Tech Spain Advocates demonstrates the strength of Spanish startup and scaleup ecosystem

21 SEPTEMBER – LONDON & MADRID – Tech Spain Advocates, a network of technology leaders, experts and investors dedicated to championing and promoting the best for tech across Spain, is launching today in Madrid.

Promoted by Mavens (Teresa Martin, professor at IE and Head of Business Law and Founding Partner at Mavens, and Silvia Elias, Senior Lawyer at Mavens), the group is the latest chapter of Global Tech Advocates, with Advocates in over 50 countries and territories around the world. Through convening, communications, and working groups, Spanish members will have access to entrepreneurs and founders in the UK, Dublin, San Francisco, India, China, and across Scandinavia.

The group will be committed to supporting Spain’s entrepreneurial community by working with centres of excellence as well as with local entrepreneurs and tech professionals. Advocates will lobby for improved access to capital and talent, and provide support and advice throughout the network.

This international expansion has driven a period of unprecedented growth for Global Tech Advocates, with the organisation now boasting more than 5,000 tech experts, leaders and investors. The launch follows a Global Tech Advocates event in Madrid earlier this year with Rajesh Agrawal, London’s Deputy Mayor.

Teresa Martin, co-founder of Tech Spain Advocates and Founding Partner at Mavens, said:

“Digital businesses make up a significant share of Spain’s growing private sector economy, and Tech Spain Advocates will provide a network and forum for these businesses and entrepreneurs to come together to share best practice and promote the sector. I look forward to working with partners and champions of Spanish tech to support this thriving community.”

Russ Shaw, founder of Global Tech Advocates, said:

“Spain has a number of impressive tech hubs—Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga–that have given us excellent device companies such as BQ and Libelium. We are extremely pleased to welcome the latest chapter to our global network, and we expect to see a lot more great innovation coming out of Spain in the coming years. Spanish workers make up London’s third biggest nationality, and one of Spain’s leading banks, Santander, is a pioneer in London fintech, so we expect great network relations across the global community to come from this chapter.”


Tech Spain Advocates Launch Event