The term “Advocate” means “one who publicly supports or promotes a particular cause or policy”.

An Advocate from Tech Spain Advocates is, therefore, a person who supports the mission of Tech Spain Advocates.

Tech Spain Advocates is open to anyone, and we do not require membership fees. Existing Advocates invite other Advocates.

To join the group, you must be introduced by another Advocate. For more information, contact

Once incorporated into Tech Spain Advocates, you will officially become an Advocate. This will give you access to a network of more than 4,000 Advocates around the world.

A minimum level of commitment is not required to be an Advocate. You can participate in the organization only to the extent that you want it or your availability allows it. However, there are three commitments that an Advocate assumes, regardless of its level of participation:

– Commit and identify with the mission and values of Global Tech Advocates and Tech Spain Advocates, adopting the spirit of mutual collaboration as a means to establish a strong technological sector in Spain.

– To the best of your ability, help expand the network of Tech Spain Advocates and Global Tech Advocates, introducing new Advocates from Spain and from all around the world.

– To the best of your ability, implement the mission and spirit of collaboration of Tech Spain Advocates fostering, with actual actions, the creation and development of a powerful technological ecosystem in Spain.

If you are not yet an Advocate, but would like to be, please contact an Advocate who can join the group, or go to